David Henry's JCSO Podcast

David Henry's JCSO podcast, June 2016


In the June podcast for The Journal of Community and Supportive Oncology, Dr David Henry discusses the approval of alectinib as a new option for ALK-positive patients with NSCLC who have progressed on crizotinib, and a How We Do It article in which the authors the implementation of ipilimumab therapy in a private practice oncology group. The authors describe how they addressed start-up and reimbursement issues related to ipilimumab as a model for other expensive new cancer drugs as well. Also included are research articles on long-term community-based results of breast-conserving therapy in early-stage breast cancer, the use of the neurokinin 1 receptor antagonist in moderately emetogenic chemotherapy, risk assessment for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer in minority women, the impact of a nurse practitioner-led symptom clinic on emergency department use in cancer patients, and assessing outpatient oncology needs. Finally, Dr Henry examines evolving therapeutic strategies in melanoma.

Listen to the podcast below.

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