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AGA Research Scholar Awards advance the GI field


The AGA Research Foundation plays an important role in medical research by providing grants to young scientists at a critical time in their careers. AGA’s flagship award is the Research Scholar Award (RSA), which provides career development support for young investigators in gastroenterology and hepatology research.

The AGA Research Awards program has a significant impact on digestive disease research.

  • More than $58 million has been awarded in research grants.
  • More than 1,000 scientists have been awarded grants.
  • Over the first 30 years of the Research Scholar Awards program, 57% of RSA recipients subsequently received at least one NIH R01 award, with 5 years on average between the RSA and first R01. Collectively, this group of investigators has secured 280 distinct R01 or equivalent awards.

Funded by the generosity of donors, the AGA Research Foundation’s research award program ensures that we are building a community of researchers whose work serves the greater community and benefits patients.

“In order to produce truly innovative work at the forefront of current discoveries, donations to research in GI are essential and cannot be replaced by other funding sources,” states Kathleen Curtius, PhD, MS, 2022 AGA Foundation Research Scholar Award recipient.

Join others in supporting the AGA Research Foundation. You will ensure that young researchers have opportunities to continue their lifesaving work. Your tax-deductible contribution supports the Foundation’s research award program, including the RSA, which ensures that studies are funded, discoveries are made, and patients are treated.

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