FDA approves Pentax duodenoscope with sterile, disposable elevator


The Food and Drug Administration has cleared the Pentax Medical Video ED34-i10T2 model duodenoscope for marketing in the United States, the first approved duodenoscope with a sterile, disposable elevator component.

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Previous communication from the FDA has recommended to both health care facilities and duodenoscope manufacturers to transition to duodenoscopes with disposable components. Disposable designs reduce or eliminate the need for reprocessing certain components, a major source of between-patient duodenoscope contamination, the FDA said.

FDA approval for the Pentax device is based on a review through the premarket clearance pathway, and the manufacturer submitted evidence that the device is substantially equivalent to previous devices. Potential risks of using the Pentax duodenoscope include burns, electric shock, perforation, infection, and bleeding.

“Duodenoscopes with a disposable elevator component represent another major step toward lowering the risk of infection among patients who undergo procedures with these devices,” said Jeff Shuren, MD, JD, director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health. “Improving the safety of duodenoscopes is a top priority for the FDA since such devices remain critical to life-saving care for many patients in the U.S.”

Find the full press release on the FDA website.

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