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Chronic abdominal pain, career options in industry, coding basics, and more


As many of us see patients with abdominal pain on an almost daily basis, it becomes easy to overlook the substantial long-term effects this chronic pain can have on patients. In this quarter’s In Focus article, Emily Weaver and Eva Szigethy (UPMC) explore how to utilize a multidisciplinary approach to effectively treat chronic abdominal pain, and they also highlight how chronic abdominal pain can truly be a traumatic experience for patients. This article is definitely a must-read for all practitioners.

Dr. Bryson W. Katona

Dr. Bryson W. Katona

Also in this issue of The New Gastroenterologist, Matthew Whitson (Hofstra-Northwell) provides some advice on becoming an effective educator, which is critically important, especially when making the transition from being a trainee to now having to teach trainees. Additionally, Erica Cohen and Gil Melmed (Cedars-Sinai) provide some important lessons about attempting to start an investigator-led clinical trial, which is a difficult task regardless of what career stage you’re in.

In this quarter’s DHPA-cosponsored private practice perspective, Marc Sonenshine (Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates) provides some tips for how to develop a specialized niche in private practice. And in our postfellowship pathway section, Mark Sostek (Orphomed) provides an enlightening overview of some career options in industry.

Finally, Kathleen Mueller (AskMueller Consulting, LLC) gives an overview of some coding basics, which is important knowledge, especially for trainees, and Latha Alaparthi (Gastroenterology Center of Connecticut/Yale/Quinnipiac) provides an overview of some advanced degree programs you may consider when contemplating a career change.

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Bryson W. Katona, MD, PhD
Editor in Chief

Dr. Katona is an assistant professor of medicine in the division of gastroenterology at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

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