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Innovation in GI: From AGA Tech Summit to your practice


After a successful and invigorating 2018 AGA Tech Summit, we can confidently say that innovation continues to be alive and well in the GI space. As you’ll see in the pages of this comprehensive AGA Tech Summit report, there is no shortage of novel ideas or potentially disruptive technologies poised to improve how we care for our patients.

Dr. Muthusamy

What’s most special about the AGA Tech Summit, sponsored by the AGA Center for GI Innovation and Technology, is the camaraderie and shared commitment to innovation from physicians, innovators, industry, regulators, and investors. By coming together for this important dialogue, we can continue to move the pendulum forward and work toward new innovations that ultimately will improve patient outcomes. As the chair and vice chair of the center, we’re committed to continuing the conversations from the AGA Tech Summit year-round to help bring promising new technologies to our practices.

Dr. Komanduri

In this report, you’ll find summaries of select AGA Tech Summit presentations and key takeaways that will help you as a practicing gastroenterologist. Our recap of the annual AGA Tech Summit Shark Tank will give you insight into five new technologies making a splash in GI – flip to page 9 to see which device won this year’s Shark Tank. We also discuss physician barriers to incorporating new technologies, with tips for overcoming these challenges. You’ll also find articles on areas ripe for innovation in GI, including digital health, tissue resection techniques, and obesity treatment. Finally, for our physician innovators, we have advice and guidance throughout on how to take your idea from concept to product.

We’re looking ahead to the 2019 AGA Tech Summit, taking place April 10-12 at the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental in San Francisco, CA. This will be our 10th annual meeting of stakeholders in GI innovation – it’s amazing to reflect on all we’ve accomplished in the last 10 years. If you read this report with great interest, we hope you’ll join us for this unique and lively dialogue on advancing innovation in GI.

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V. Raman Muthusamy, MD, AGAF, FACG, FASGE
Chair, AGA Center for GI Innovation and Technology

Sri Komanduri, MD, AGAF
Vice Chair, AGA Center for GI Innovation and Technology

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