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Bladder Toxicity After Volumetric Arc Radiation Therapy (VMAT) Treatment for Prostate Cancer Following Prostatectomy

Abstract: 2018 AVAHO Meeting


Methods: We did a retrospective review of 55 patients with prostate cancer treated using external beam radiation therapy VMAT between 2013 through 2017.

Results: Sixteen were adjuvant/salvage therapy to the prostate fossa (PF) after a prostatectomy while 39 had primary radiation therapy for intact prostate cancer. The dose volume histogram (DVH) institutional bladder constraints were v65 200 cc, 55% when > 150 cc and there were no incidences of hematuria when the PTV was < 150 cc.

Conclusions: (1) Overall incidence of hematuria with VMAT treatment to the prostate was 10/55(18%); (2) Higher bladder DVH v65 volumes correlated with higher incidence of hematuria; (3) Higher PTV in PF group correlated with higher incidence of hematuria with the greatest risk occurring when the PTV was greater than 200 cc. This is due to more bladder in the treatment field; (4) Careful patient selection should be made for surgery to avoid post-surgery radiation therapy; (5) When treating PF keep the PTV volume under 150 cc; and (6) This finding should be studied with larger number of patients.

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