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Vomiting, abdominal pain, compulsive bathing—Dx?

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We considered our patient’s chlamydial infection as the source of her symptoms. However, she had experienced no vaginal discharge or bleeding, and her nausea and abdominal pain did not improve with a therapeutic dose of azithromycin. Imaging showed no evidence of chlamydia-associated complications, such as pelvic inflammatory disease or tubo-ovarian abscess, both of which are uncommon in pregnancy.


Consider cannabinoid hyperemesis in patients who are experiencing vomiting and abdominal pain that are temporarily relieved by bathing in hot water. Ask such patients about their cannabis use, and strongly encourage them to discontinue the drug. Counsel pregnant women about the maternal and fetal risks of cannabis use and the potential teratogenicity of hot water bathing. Provide IV fluids to ensure adequate hydration and a benzodiazepine as appropriate for anxiety and cannabis withdrawal symptoms.16 Advise patients that their symptoms may return within weeks to months if they resume using cannabis.2,17


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