Clinical Review

Taking the Lead With Lead Poisoning

A boy who has had previous treatments for blood lead level elevations presents with a level of 59 µg/dL. Management of his case is discussed,...

Clinical Review

A Toxic Swimming Pool Hazard

A 3-year-old boy presents with severe pulmonary injury after inhaling chlorine gas. Details of his case and the clinical effects of chlorine...


Cough and Wheezing

What do the radiographs show in this child with cough and persistent wheezing?

Clinical Review

Management of Seizure Emergencies

As most patients with a new seizure disorder seek immediate care in an ED, the emergency physician must be familiar with the most effective...

Clinical Review

Evaluation of the Limping Child

Five cases highlight a range of etiologies for limp, a common symptom in children. This article examines how to determine treatment and evaluate...