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VIDEO: First year after bariatric surgery critical for HbA1c improvement



“It was interesting because when we graphically represented the weight changes in addition to the A1c over time, we found that they actually correlated quite closely, but it was only when we did the statistical analysis on the numbers that we found that [in both groups] people who lost less weight had a higher A1c at the 5-year mark,” said Dr. Zhou.

In the non–multivariable analysis, however, investigators found a more significant correlation between weight regain and HbA1c levels in gastrectomy patients, however these findings changed when Dr. Zhou and her fellow investigators controlled for insulin use and baseline C-peptide.

In continuing studies, Dr. Zhou and her team will dive deeper into why these correlations exist, as right now they can only speculate.

Dr. Zhou reported no relevant financial disclosures.

SOURCE: Zhou K et al. AACE 18. Abstract 240-F.

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