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Hair and Scalp Disorders in Patients With Skin of Color

In this edition of the “Peer to Peer” audiocast series, Dr. Vincent DeLeo speaks with Dr. Susan C. Taylor about hair and scalp disorders in patients with skin of color. Dr. Taylor discusses the causes of common conditions that dermatologists may see in patients with skin of color, including central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia and pseudofolliculitis barbae, and offers tips for management and treatment. She also discusses how to approach parents of children with skin of color who present with concerns that their child’s hair is not growing.

Dr. Taylor's article "Hair and Scalp Disorders in Adult and Pediatric Patients With Skin of Color" is part of the Skin of Color column, which is created in collaboration with the Skin of Color Society.

Questions for Dr. Susan C. Taylor on treating hair and scalp disorders in skin of color patients? Contact the Editorial Office and we'll post the answer here.


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