Endocrine Consult

Part 4: Monitoring for CKD in Diabetes Patients

Chronic kidney disease is a significant complication in a patient with diabetes. Here’s how to monitor kidney function and appropriately utilize...

Endocrine Consult

Part 3: Lipid Management in Diabetes Patients

What is the value of fasting lipid panels in a patient with diabetes? Since dyslipidemia is a known contributing factor to cardiovascular...

Endocrine Consult

Part 2: Controlling BP in Diabetes Patients

How can you help reduce the risk for cardiovascular conditions in patients with diabetes? Hint: It starts with an appropriate schedule for risk...

Endocrine Consult

Part 1: Self-care for Diabetes Patients

In this 5-part series, we’ll explore the evidence and recommendations for a multi-modal approach to managing diabetes-related conditions. First up...

MS Consult

Monoclonal Antibodies in MS

A case of a 19-year-old man being treated with monoclonal antibody therapy for relapsing MS highlights the need for careful monitoring.