Endocrine Consult

Part 2: Controlling BP in Diabetes Patients

How can you help reduce the risk for cardiovascular conditions in patients with diabetes? Hint: It starts with an appropriate schedule for risk...

Endocrine Consult

Part 3: Lipid Management in Diabetes Patients

What is the value of fasting lipid panels in a patient with diabetes? Since dyslipidemia is a known contributing factor to cardiovascular...

Endocrine Consult

Part 1: Self-care for Diabetes Patients

In this 5-part series, we’ll explore the evidence and recommendations for a multi-modal approach to managing diabetes-related conditions. First up...

MS Consult

Monoclonal Antibodies in MS

A case of a 19-year-old man being treated with monoclonal antibody therapy for relapsing MS highlights the need for careful monitoring.

MS Consult

Sexual Dysfunction in MS

Sexual dysfunction is one of the “invisible symptoms” of MS. Identifying the underlying cause can guide treatment choices for your patient.