MS Consult

Sexual Dysfunction in MS

Sexual dysfunction is one of the “invisible symptoms” of MS. Identifying the underlying cause can guide treatment choices for your patient.

Renal Consult

Bone Health in Kidney Disease

Mineral and bone disorder is a common complication in patients with kidney disease. Here’s guidance on monitoring for and treating bone...

Endocrine Consult

Screening for Endocrine Hypertension

Identifying cases of secondary hypertension is an important tool for clinicians. Learn more about some common endocrine causes of hypertension:...

Renal Consult

When Can You Stop Dialysis?

Patients confronted with a diagnosis of kidney failure requiring dialysis inevitably want to know, “For how long?” Here’s the data on who might...

Renal Consult

When to Start Dialysis

When is the best time to start dialysis? Our expert reviews the data on early versus late initiation, based on the patient’s glomerular filtration...