Guidelines to Prepare a Clinical Manuscript for Clinician Reviews

Thank you for your interest in submitting a manuscript to Clinician Reviews. We offer you the following guidelines to explain our style, content, format, and length requirements. These guidelines are designed to simplify your writing task and facilitate the peer review process. You may also wish to read “I’d Like to Write a Medical Article, But…” by Randy Danielsen, PhD, PA-C, DFAAPA, for his 8 steps to ease the process and 6 reasons why clinicians should write.

Whatever type of article you plan to submit, remember that you are writing for an audience of primary care clinicians. Detailed descriptions of diagnosis or treatment issues that are beyond the scope of practice for primary care practitioners are not appropriate.

Only manuscripts whose lead author is an NP or a PA will be considered for publication. Please note, too, that Clinician Reviews does not publish original research (including industry-sponsored research).

Clinician Reviews considers three types of clinical articles for publication: continuing education/continuing medical education (CE/CME) articles, shorter or more specific clinical review articles, and Grand Rounds (case studies involving actual patients).

Nonclinical articles that Clinician Reviews also publishes include “Clinician’s View” (see below) and guest editorials.



Non-CME clinical articles

Grand Rounds

Clinician's View & guest editorials

Third-party Support/Assistance: Clinician Reviews does not accept articles that have been developed or written with a financial support by a commercial entity (eg, pharmaceutical company or medical device manufacturer) or whose authors have received writing assistance from a commercially sponsored third party, such as a medical education company or a publication planner. Authors who have received such support or funding (and entities that have supported such articles) should contact to explore opportunities to publish sponsored supplements to Clinician Reviews.

Lastly …

It is recommended that you contact the Editor (see below) about any clinical topic before you begin your manuscript. This will ensure that your topic meets Clinician Reviews’ current editorial needs and that no similar manuscript is in the peer review process or is already accepted for publication in our journal. When you are ready to submit article solicitations or manuscripts, please refer to the sample letter for suggested wording and send to:

Karen J. Clemments, Editor

Last revised 6/12/14