Emergency Medicine

Radiology Review

The Pop That Stopped the Soccer Game

In the middle of a soccer game, a 13-year-old girl felt her hip “pop” and had to be escorted from the field. Can you get her returned to play?

Radiology Review

Thrown Off Track

After being thrown from an all-terrain vehicle, a 20-year-old man is insensate from the mid-chest down and unable to move his legs. What do...

Radiology Review

Getting Ahead of the Pain

An 80-year-old man presents to urgent care for intermittent severe headaches. Find out what CT of the head reveals.

Radiology Review

All-Terrain, No Control

One 40-year-old man. One all-terrain vehicle. No helmet. What's your assessment?

Radiology Review

From Local Bar to Police Car

After a casual night escalates with a bar fight, a 31-year-old man is transported by law enforcement to your facility for evaluation of wrist pain...

Radiology Review

His Old Pain Is Back

A 60-year-old man who recently underwent a lumbar decompression is experiencing worsening back pain, which radiates down his left leg. You are...

Grand Rounds

Woman, 57, With Painful, Swollen Ankle

What starts as a typical "day at the office" for a 57-year-old horticulturist comes to a crashing hault when the ladder she is standing on slips...

Radiology Review

The Deer Stand Strikes Back

It's not the wildlife you have to worry about: After falling out of a deer stand, a 45-year-old man experiences persistent back pain. A radiograph...

Radiology Review

Brace for Impact

While driving through an intersection, this 35-year-old woman collided with another vehicle. Her only complaint on arrival at the emergency...