Emergency Medicine

Radiology Review

Is Diagnosis Up in the Air?

After being involved in a car accident, a young woman is air-lifted to your hospital. Find out what the radiograph reveals.

Grand Rounds

Man, 46, With Wrist Laceration

This case illustrates the importance of performing a thorough hand examination when a patient presents with even a small laceration. Failure to do...

Radiology Review

There’s Mischief Afoot

Since he sustained a cut a week ago, the patient’s left foot has been swelling and causing pain. Can your workup provide the steps to relief?

Radiology Review

Give Her a Shoulder to Cry on

After her car is broadsided by a tractor trailer, an elderly woman complains of right shoulder pain. What does an x-ray reveal?


Part 2: Whose Bill Is It, Anyway?

In this week’s installment, Marie-Eileen Onieal and an “expert panel” of emergency department colleagues raise questions about how billing is...