4th Annual Job Satisfaction Survey

PAs: Does Your Job Fulfill Your Expectations?

To measure how satisfied you are with your work, we surveyed more than 1,300 clinicians like you. Compare your experiences to those of your colleagues, starting with the key question: Would you do it again?



“I have the best job in the world.” This statement sums up how your colleagues feel about being a PA. Although there are certainly problems that deserve attention, the vast majority of clinicians, who are highly educated and practice in all specialties, state that they would re-enter the field if choosing again.

On the following pages, we focus on the details of the survey results, with breakouts by specialty, region, and practice setting. Be sure to check out which benefits your colleagues are getting, how much they’re being reimbursed for continuing medical education, information about salary by gender and time spent during the workweek, and much more. Participants, invited to comment, have provided several illuminating quotes, which we’ve included throughout the article, indicating what it’s like to be “in the trenches.”


To get to the heart of the matter, we asked our survey takers “If you were to do it again, would you choose…”

  • The same career
  • The same educational preparation
  • The same practice setting

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