Crossword puzzle tools


Practice Puzzlers are an entertaining way to challenge your clinical expertise. To make the experience more enjoyable, here's how to use the tools located in the bar above the crossword.

  • Away from your computer? Click “Print” to download and print a blank puzzle or the answer key to the puzzle.
  • With the "group tool" invite colleagues to play with you and share final scores.
  • To keep it fun, you can “Reveal” or “Check” a letter, word, or the entire grid; change the “Settings” to suit your preferences; or use the “Pencil” toggle to enter the answer in gray and later make it a normal entry when you’re sure about it.


You get 10 points for each correct word completed. Revealing letters or words will cost you points. For each square you reveal, you lose 1 point, but you can still get the 10 points if you get the word right. You get 0 points if you reveal an entire word. The target time to complete this puzzle is 15 minutes. When you complete the puzzle, you will get a bonus of 15 points for every full minute under the target. There is no penalty for going over the time limit.

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