Click for Credit: Missed HIV screening opps; aspirin & preeclampsia; more

Topics include: Lung function & SSc mortality • Subclinical carotid atherosclerosis • Flawed cognitive assessments • HIV screening opportunities missed • Aspirin for preeclampsia prevention


Here are 5 articles from the February issue of Clinician Reviews (individual articles are valid for one year from date of publication—expiration dates below):

1. Short-term lung function better predicts mortality risk in SSc

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Expires November 26, 2019

2. Healthier lifestyle in midlife women reduces subclinical carotid atherosclerosis

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Expires November 28, 2019

3. Three commonly used quick cognitive assessments often yield flawed results

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Expires November 28, 2019

4. Missed HIV screening opportunities found among subsequently infected youth

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Expires November 29, 2019

5. Aspirin appears underused to prevent preeclampsia in SLE patients

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Expires January 2, 2019

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