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Dear Readers,

As 2018 draws to a close, Clinician Reviews is looking ahead to its 29th year of publication. In 1991, when our publication was founded, it was a unique idea to present information to both NPs and PAs together—a recognition of common educational needs and a unified focus on delivering the best possible patient care. For the past six years, as Editor, I have been privileged to ensure the fulfillment of CR’s editorial purpose—keeping NPs and PAs up to date on all aspects of clinical practice—while navigating changes both internal and external.

When CR started, personal computers existed but were not yet in widespread use (the office had one, to be shared). Manuscripts, peer reviews, even radiographs—all were submitted on paper, via the US Postal Service. How far the world has come in the ensuing decades. Now, we can stay connected to anyone, anywhere, via devices that fit in our pockets.

And so I’m excited to share with you one of the changes we’re making: In 2019, Clinician Reviews will be published 100% digitally! Why? Yes, printing and postage costs have increased to the point of unsustainability (and all that paper is not very environmentally friendly). But most importantly, online publication allows us to provide you with more of what you need for your practice—at any time of day or night, on any device you choose. And this gives us more scope to be creative in presenting information in engaging ways.

To ensure that we are moving in the right direction in making a more robust and useful resource, we surveyed NPs and PAs like you about our site, our competitors’ sites, and potential new offerings. Your answers were very enlightening, providing us guidance on

Building new functionality to make the site more user friendly

✓ Automatic notification when new content is posted

✓ Video player with a list of recently posted videos

Providing new content, including

✓ Clinical crossword puzzle

✓ Malpractice Chronicle by David Lang (both of which make their debut in this print issue)

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