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Topics include: Recurrent strep throat • Motivational pharmacotherapy for minority patients with depression • Revised Bethesda System thyroid malignancy risks • Avoiding potentially dangerous patients • Uncapping the MELD score for liver transplant needs


Here are 5 articles in the December issue of Clinician Reviews (individual articles are valid for one year from date of publication—expiration dates below):

1. When Is It Really Recurrent Strep Throat?

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Expires September 21, 2018

2. Revised Bethesda System Resets Thyroid Malignancy Risks

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Expires August 10, 2018

3. Tips for Avoiding Potentially Dangerous Patients

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Expires August 10, 2018

4. Study Findings Support Uncapping MELD Score

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Expires September 12, 2018

5. 'Motivational Pharmacotherapy' Engages Latino Patients With Depression

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Expires August 14, 2018

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