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Topics include: TNF inhibitors & IBD in pregnancy • Vision loss in giant cell arteritis • Pediatric mental illness: diagnosis & prescribing vary • Psychiatric disorders in young transgender women


Here are 4 articles in the July issue of Clinician Reviews (individual articles are valid for one year from date of publication—expiration dates below):

1. Pregnancy Alters Pharmacodynamics of Anti-TNF Agents in Women With IBD
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Expires May 24, 2017

Key clinical point: Blood levels of infliximab rose during pregnancy, while adalimumab levels remained stable, even after researchers accounted for changes in albumin, body mass index, and C-reactive protein levels.
Major finding: Median infliximab concentrations rose from 8.5 mcg/mL in the first trimester to a peak of 21 mcg/mL during the middle of the third trimester (P = .04). Median adalimumab levels ranged between 8.6 and 12.2 mcg/mL during pregnancy.
Data source: A prospective study of 25 pregnant women with ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease.
Disclosures: Dr. Seow disclosed ties with Janssen, AbbVie, Takeda, Shire, and Actavis.

2. Vascular Disease Linked to Sight Loss in Giant Cell Arteritis
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Expires May 10, 2017

Key clinical point: Patients with vascular disease who develop giant cell arteritis may require careful monitoring for sight loss.
Major finding: Overall, 42.9% of patients had some visual disturbance at first clinic review; 7.9% were blind at 6 months.
Data source: Analysis of 433 patients newly diagnosed with GCA participating in the Diagnostic and Classification Criteria in Vasculitis Study (DCVAS).
Disclosures: The DCVAS study is supported by the American College of Rheumatology and is funded by the European League Against Rheumatism and the Vasculitis Foundation. Dr. Yates reported that he had no relevant disclosures.

3. Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Health
Part 1: Diagnoses, drug prescribing vary widely

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Expires April 1, 2017

Key clinical point: A lack of psychiatrists only partially accounted for substantial variations in rates of mental illness diagnosis and prescriptions for psychotropic medications given in practices nationwide, a study has shown.
Major finding: Nationwide, 15% of pediatric patients received a mental health diagnosis, and 14% were prescribed psychotropic medications in primary care, regardless of colocated mental health services.
Data source: A retrospective study of electronic health records for 294,748 patients aged 4-18 years.
Disclosures: Dr. Alexander G. Fiks is an investigator for Pfizer; the other researchers said they had no relevant financial disclosures. This study was funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development under the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act.

Part 2: Disorders prevalent in young transgender women
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Expires March 21, 2017

Key clinical point: Young transgender women have a high prevalence of psychiatric disorders that is two to four times higher than that in the general population.
Major finding: 41.5% of the study participants had at least one psychiatric disorder, such as major depressive disorder, suicidality, generalized anxiety, PTSD, and alcohol or substance dependence.
Data source: An observational cohort study involving 298 transgender women aged 16-29 years residing in Chicago and Boston.
Disclosures: This study was supported by the National Institute of Mental Health. Dr. Reisner and his associates reported having no relevant financial disclosures.

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