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Important changes to our CME program

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We are enhancing the way the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine offers continuing medical education for its articles, providing more options for our print and online readers.

For 16 years, we have offered CME based on a collection of articles in each issue (usually four). Many of you have complained that the maximum 1.5 credits for reading the articles and taking the test did not reflect the time you put into the activity.

Starting with this issue, all CME activities are based on individual articles, and you can receive up to 1 credit for each article read and test completed. The change gives you the flexibility to take a CME test for a specific article that interests you. If you want to receive credits for all CME-certified articles in one issue, it will mean extra effort to take separate tests, but you will be able to claim considerably more credit than in the past.

By offering CME for individual articles, we will also be able to offer it to those of you who read CCJM online rather than in print. Because the rules governing CME differ for print activities vs online-only activities, there will be two similar but separate pathways.

Print readers can identify CME-certified articles by the CME logo on the print issue table of contents or on the title page of each article. Those who wish to take the test for a CME-certified article can continue to our home page and click on the CME link. One more click on the appropriate link for print readers will take the reader directly to the test.

Online-only readers will find a link to the CME activity on the online table of contents or in the links next to the full-text version of the online article. They will be required to read the article online before taking the test.

We have tried to make this system as straightforward as possible, while still conforming to all the regulations governing CME.

We are also adding two innovations to our Web site. First, for those into social networking, there is now a social bookmarking feature. You can easily post a link to a CCJM article to a scholarly networking site such as CiteULike, or to a general social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, or Digg. And second, we will soon add the ability for you to download some of our figures as PowerPoint slides.

Let us know what you think of our latest changes.

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