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Mayo Clinic takes honors as top hospital


In what is becoming an annual tradition, the Mayo Clinic came out on top of the U.S. News & World Report 2019-2020 Best Hospitals ranking.

Hospitals recognized as the 10 best for 2019-2020

The Rochester, Minn., hospital has now been No. 1 on the U.S. News Honor Roll for 4 consecutive years. The last institution to head the list before that streak, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, was second this year, followed by Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, the Cleveland Clinic, and New York-Presbyterian Hospital–Columbia and Cornell in New York, U.S. News reported July 30.

The Mayo Clinic finished first in five of the 16 specialties used in the evaluation process – diabetes and endocrinology; ear, nose, and throat; gastroenterology and GI surgery; urology; and nephrology – and had a total of 13 top-five rankings. Massachusetts General had one first place in psychiatry and six total top fives, while Johns Hopkins, despite its lower overall ranking, had three top rankings – geriatrics, neurology and neurosurgery, and rheumatology – and nine top fives, the U.S. News data show.

This year’s 30th edition of the rankings involved 4,653 community inpatient hospitals, of which 1,447 received a “High Performing” rating in at least one of the nine procedures and conditions assessed and 165 were nationally ranked (top 50) in at least one of the 16 specialties. Twelve specialties are ranked largely on objective data, with the three most recent years of an annual expert opinion survey of specialized physicians also factored in. The other four specialties are ranked based entirely on the survey of expert opinion.

The research organization RTI International conducted the physician survey and produced the Best Hospitals methodology and national rankings under contract with U.S. News.

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