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Arthroscopic Anterior Ankle Decompression Is Successful in National Football League Players

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  • Anterior ankle impingement can be very debilitating in elite athletes and may lead to significantly decreased performance.
  • First line treatment for anterior ankle impingement is conservative which includes rest, ankle bracing, and avoidance of repetitive dorsiflexing activities such as jumping.
  • Arthroscopic débridement of anterior ankle impingement reliably relieves pain, and restores ROM and function.
  • Arthroscopic débridement of anterior ankle impingement results in reliable RTP in professional football players.
  • RTP after arthroscopic anterior ankle débridement for impingement averaged 2 months in professional football players.




    Anterior ankle impingement is a frequent cause of pain and disability in athletes with impingement of soft-tissue or osseous structures along the anterior margin of the tibiotalar joint during dorsiflexion.

    In this study, we hypothesized that arthroscopic decompression of anterior ankle impingement would result in significant, reliable, and durable improvement in pain and range of motion (ROM), and would allow National Football League (NFL) players to return to their preoperative level of play.

    We reviewed 29 arthroscopic ankle débridements performed by a single surgeon. Each NFL player underwent arthroscopic débridement of pathologic soft tissue and of tibial and talar osteophytes in the anterior ankle. Preoperative and postoperative visual analog scale (VAS) pain scores, American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) hindfoot scores, and ankle ROM were compared; time to return to play (RTP), events missed secondary to surgery, and complications were recorded.

    All athletes returned to the same level of NFL play at a mean (SD) of 8.4 (4.1) weeks after surgery and continued playing for a mean (SD) of 3.43 (2.57) years after surgery. Mean (SD) VAS pain scores decreased significantly (P < .001), to 0.38 (0.89) from 4.21 (1.52). Mean (SD) active ankle dorsiflexion increased significantly (P < .001), to 18.86° (2.62°) from 8.28° (4.14°). Mean (SD) AOFAS hindfoot scores increased significantly (P < .001), to 97.45 (4.72) from 70.62 (10.39). Degree of arthritis (r = 0.305) and age (r = 0.106) were poorly correlated to time to RTP.

    In all cases, arthroscopic débridement of anterior ankle impingement resulted in RTP at the same level at a mean of 2 months after surgery. There were significant improvements in VAS pain scores, AOFAS hindfoot scores, and ROM.

    Arthroscopic débridement of anterior ankle impingement relieves pain, restores ROM and function, and results in reliable RTP in professional football players.

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