FDA recommends voluntary recall of Limbrel


The Food and Drug Administration announced on Dec. 4 that it recommends the voluntary recall of Limbrel, a medical food product in capsule form that is currently marketed to “manage the metabolic processes associated with osteoarthritis.”

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The FDA’s ongoing investigation at this point considers the product to be an unapproved new drug rather than a medical food product. However, the agency does not have mandatory recall authority. It has recommended the recall to the product’s manufacturer, Primus Pharmaceuticals, on the basis of the risk of liver injury and hypersensitivity pneumonitis associated with continued use of the product.

The agency had received 194 adverse event reports as of Nov. 21, of which it found a likely association of the events with Limbrel in at least 30 cases, and continues to evaluate reports, which consumers can submit through MedWatch. The FDA is currently testing samples of the product and has advised consumers to cease taking it, though the manufacturer has declined thus far to recall it.

The safety alert advises that “health care providers who are aware that their patients are taking Limbrel should advise them to immediately stop taking the product.”

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