Jan 2018
Vol. 17
No. 1

Evidence-Based Reviews

From the Editor

Savvy Psychopharmacology

Cases That Test Your Skills

  • Cases That Test Your Skills

    A 95-year-old man with treatment-resistant depression

    Mr. R, age 95, presents with depressive symptoms that began 6 weeks ago. He recently has lost 20 lb and is rapidly deteriorating. Which treatment...

For Residents

  • For Residents

    Career Choices: State hospital psychiatry

    In this first Career Choices, Cornel Stanciu, MD, talked with Samantha Gnanasegaram, MD, a state hospital psychiatrist at New Hampshire Hospital...



  • Commentary

    The role of psychiatric APRNs

    In Dr. Mary Moller’s Guest Editorial “Advancing the role of advanced practice psychiatric nurses in today’s psychiatric workforce,” she asserts...

Also In This Issue

  • Podcasts

    Etiologies of DDM

    David R. Spiegel, MD, discusses etiologies of disorders of diminished motivation, and how to differentiate them from depressive disorders.