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Tamoxifen can reduce bleeding in women with contraceptive implants

Key clinical point: Treatment with tamoxifen can help treat bothersome bleeding in women with etonogestrel implants.

Major finding: After the first treatment, women in the tamoxifen group experienced 9.8 more consecutive days of amenorrhea (95% confidence interval, 4.6-15.0) compared with the placebo group.

Study details: A 90-day randomized control trial followed by a 90-day open-label study of etonogestrel implant users with frequent or prolonged bleeding or spotting.

Disclosures: The study was supported by a Merck Women’s Health Investigator Initiated Studies Program and the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute. Four of the authors acknowledged receiving consulting fees and research support from various organizations and pharmaceutical companies. The remaining three had no relevant financial disclosures.