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Simple versus radical hysterectomy

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Anatomical nuances and dissection techniques


Hysterectomy is one of the fundamental surgical procedures in gynecology. Understanding the nuances of both the anatomy and the surgical dissection techniques of this procedure is especially important when approaching complex cases in either benign or oncologic settings.

This month’s surgical video contribution is by my gynecologic oncology colleagues, who highlight the key differences between the simple and radical hysterectomy. They emphasize key surgical principles for the benefit of both benign and oncologic surgeons.

The objectives of this video are to:

  • compare the surgical techniques of a simple versus radical hysterectomy
  • review the relevant anatomy as it relates to the varying types of hysterectomy
  • provide an educational review of the different types of hysterectomy.

This video does an excellent job of achieving its objectives. I hope you share it with your colleagues and residents.

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