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Ospemifene for dyspareunia in postmenopausal women is well tolerated

Breaking news from NAMS 2013 in Dallas, Texas


Oral ospemifene (Osphena) received FDA approval in February 2013 to treat moderate to severe dyspareunia that results from vulval and vaginal atrophy. This drug, a tissue-selective estrogen agonist/antagonist, is the first oral alternative to estrogen therapy, said Steven R. Goldstein, MD, who presented data on 12- and 52-week safety of ospemifene in Phase 2/3 placebo-controlled clinical trials at NAMS 2013.

Click on the audio player below to listen to Dr. Goldstein explain the available options for vulvar and vaginal atrophy and how oral ospemifene expands these options. In addition, he describes the tolerability and side effects of ospemifene that clinicians should be aware of.

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