Do you recommend circumcision for newborns?

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For the first time, a surgical intervention study attests to a reduced risk of HIV infection with circumcision


You had plenty to say in response to our recent editorial on the HIV study, and our Instant Poll Online question about circumcision of newborns.


Some of your comments:

  • Politics aside, circumcision improves hygiene and reduces STD transmission
  • Not without anesthesia!!!
  • Have ‘em match Dad, and use anesthetic!
  • In women, it’s called genital mutilation. Daddy and son don’t match in our home!
  • No unnecessary surgery!
  • Manmade, and religion is blamed
  • Circumcision is not just for cosmetic reasons; it is also for hygiene
  • I do not “recommend” circumcision; I do offer the service for parents that request it
  • Uncircumcised penis has been shown in many studies to be a major vector of STD
  • It’s the parents’ personal choice
  • Some proven benefits, but overall this surgery is done as a cosmetic alteration
  • Patient consideration of MD recommendations has drastically changed!
  • Culturally driven ritualistic mutilation
  • Social event, no medical evidence
  • Analgesia for neonatal circumcision
  • Increasing evidence of STD transmission

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