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Chemical cauterization of the cervix

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Q Our physician performed a chemical cauterization of the cervix for a patient with bleeding. I found a code for chemical cauterization of granulation tissue (17250) and one for cautery of cervix, electro or thermal (57510), but neither seems right. Do you have any suggestions?

A There is no specific code for chemical cautery of the cervix. This is because, normally, the procedure simply involves the application of a silver nitrate stick to the cervix, and does not require specialized equipment or expensive materials.

If you think you can make a case for significant physician work in applying the silver nitrate, you can bill this as an unlisted procedure (58999). Otherwise, I would simply consider this incidental to the exam and bill only an evaluation and management service. You can, however, bill for the supplies using 99070 (supplies and materials [except spectacles], provided by the physician over and above those usually included with the office visit or other services rendered).

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