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Product Update: Banyan Medical's Vaginal/Rectal Probes, Doctablet, Pre-Seed Lubricant, SonoSure


VAGINAL/RECTAL PROBES FOR LAPAROSCOPYBanyan Medical’s Vaginal/Rectal Probes are low-cost reusable instruments used to enhance accurate anatomical visualization during gynecologic surgery. They are designed to be easily positioned to maximize anatomical visualization during excision of lesions from the posterior vagina, rectum, and cul-de-sac. According to the manufacturer, use of one of their probes ensures maximum accuracy; assists in opening the rectovaginal pouch and mapping of the cul-de-sac; can be used to help identify open vessels and other injuries; and acts as a mobilizer when dissecting, cauterizing, and suturing.

Banyan Medical assures that its vaginal/rectal probes are easy to sterilize and ergonomic. Probes have color-coded handles, surgical-grade stainless steel shafts, and atraumatic tips made of high-grade polymer.


ONLINE EDUCATIONAL VIDEO RESOURCEDoctablet is an online educational video resource that offers animated narratives in English and Spanish that describe medical conditions to patients. Jose M. Taveras, MD, a cardiologist at Montefiore Center for Heart and Vascular Care in New York and Christopher R. Palmeiro, MD, chairman of endocrinology at HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley in Kingston, New York, have developed this free educational platform, which they describe as easily accessible, comprehensive, and entertaining.

Drs. Taveras and Palmeiro note that they created Doctablet to educate people about crucial health issues. They cite the pressures of shrinking budgets and the fact that physicians have less time for individualized care and education and that all too often a patient leaves her physician’s office without clear and direct crucial information.

“I’ve found myself telling little simple stories to my patients to illustrate various heart conditions. They’ve really helped—I’ve seen people quit smoking and seen people become proactive in taking their medication,” says Dr. Taveras. “The way to seriously impact patients, and reduce the need for procedures, is to change the way people live. You do that through taking the time to educate them in a way that makes sense to them.”

The patient-oriented videos are “jargon-free,” approximately 3 minutes in length, and cover health topics such as prediabetes and diabetes, nutrition, and cardiac care and heart attacks.


FERTILITY-FRIENDLY LUBRICANTPre-Seed® Fertility-Friendly Lubricant is specially formulated for couples trying to conceive. Pre-Seed was invented by a sperm physiologist who discovered that many couples were using lubricants that killed sperm. The National Institutes of Health funded research to develop Pre-Seed’s patented sperm-safe lubricant formula. In a January 2014 clinical study published in The Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, Mowat and colleagues analyzed the effects of 9 lubricants on sperm motility, vitality, and DNA fragmentation. The study authors named Pre-Seed as the leading lubricant of choice for couples who are trying to get pregnant.

Pre-Seed’s design mimics fertile cervical mucus in its pH, ion concentration, and consistency, says its inventor. In addition, Pre-Seed is glycerin-free to allow sperm to swim freely and formulated with antioxidants to help support sperm on their journey to fertilize the egg. Pre-Seed is available nationally at major drug and discount stores, and is offered by select regional and Internet retailers.


SONOHYSTEROGRAPHY DEVICECrossBay Medical Inc.™ offers SonoSure™, a single-use, disposable device to access the uterine cavity for saline infusion sonohysterography (SIS) and endometrial sampling. The product is designed to assist in the evaluation of a patient with abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) or heavy menstrual periods.

CrossBay says that SonoSure is meant for single-handed use during concurrent ultrasonography. The device features a built-in deployed endometrial sampling brush, a low profile malleable insertion catheter, a repositionable cervical sealing mechanism for uterine distension designed to not obscure the lower uterine segment, and a 50-cc refillable fluid injection bag.

During SIS, the shapeable catheter with soft acorn tip can be used with anteversion or retroversion placement and provides uterine distention upon infusion and release for draining without the use of forceps. The echogenic tip and brush allow for visualization during insertion and placement. The blunt tip is designed to avoid uterine perforation.


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