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Headache Patients Seek High Level of Outpatient Care

Headache; ePub 2018 Jul 19; Brilla, Woo, et al

Patients in a headache clinic in an academic tertiary care setting require a high intensity of remote outpatient care, more so than patients in other neurology subspecialty clinics and general neurology clinic, with the exception of the neuroimmunology/multiple sclerosis (MS) clinic. This according to a recent retrospective study that examined 3,164 established patients, 275 from the headache clinic, the remainder from various other neurology clinics. Patients presenting for a follow‐up visit were observed for a 12‐month period during which the number of a) telephone and b) secure email (MyChart) encounters per patient was recorded, and in addition, the number of entries related to each of these encounters. Researchers found:

  • Headache clinic patients required a high frequency of remote encounters (composite of both telephone and email messages) per patient, second only to the MS clinic patients.
  • Use of secure email messaging (MyChart) per patient was much higher in the headache clinic compared to all other clinics.

Brilla R, Woo KM, Seeger SK. Do headache patients require more care in between visits than other neurology outpatients? [Published online ahead of print July 19, 2018]. Headache.


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