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Is Sodium Divalproate Effective for Migraine Prevention?


Sodium divalproate (SD) in low alternating doses appears to be effective as with higher doses, but may induce modest weight gain, a new study found. Consecutive migraineurs to whom SD was prescribed as monotherapy were studied retrospectively. The doses were 250 mg alternated with 500 mg. Headache frequency compared to baseline, adherence expressed by returning to a visit after 2 and 4 months, and side effects reported by patients were evaluated. The study included 68 patients (53 women, 15 men) aged 18 to 58 years.

Researchers found:

  • The average headache frequency (HF) during baseline was decreased from 8.2 to 5.1 headache days/month among the 50 out of 68 patients returning at 2 months, with adherence rate at 73.5%.
  • Weight gain was reported in 30% of patients.
  • At 4 months, HF was reduced to 4.2 days/month, with adherence rate at 61.8%, and weight gain reported by 42.8% of patients.

Krymchantowski AV, et al. Sodium divalproate in low alternating daily doses for migraine prevention: A retrospective study. [Published online ahead of print July 1, 2019]. Headache. doi: 10.1111/head.13579.

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