Migraine Briefs

Genetic Analysis of a Family with Migraine, Vertigo, and Motion Sickness


Migraine-associated vertigo and motion sickness may involve distinct susceptibility genes, according to a new study. Researchers identified a large American family of 29 individuals of which 17 members suffered from at least 1 of the following disorders: migraine, vertigo, or motion sickness. Many suffered from several simultaneously. Family members were phenotyped for each condition and analyzed separately. Among the findings:

  • A novel locus for migraine, 9q13-q22 was identified.
  • Suggestive LOD scores localized to different chromosomes for each phenotype; vertigo (chromosome 18, LOD score 1.82) and motion sickness (chromosome 4, LOD score 2.09).

Peddareddygari LR, et al. Genetic analysis of a large family with migraine, vertigo, and motion sickness. [Published online ahead of print July 1, 2019]. Can J Neuro Sci. doi: 10.1017/cjn.2019.64.

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