Literature Review

Can a Seizure Freedom Score Predict Success in Epilepsy Surgery?

Researchers review epilepsy surgery patients between 1999 and 2012



Postoperative seizure freedom could be predicted using an easily measurable seizure freedom score (SFS) according to researchers from the Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Center. The SFS was calculated by compiling 4 predictive outcome indicators: preoperative seizure frequency, history of generalized tonic-clonic seizures, brain MRI, and epilepsy duration. In a study population of 466 patients, seizure freedom rates were directly correlated with SFS scores. The authors propose that this tool may be beneficial for estimation of surgical candidacy and will help with patient and family counseling.

Garcia Gracia C, Yardi R, Kattan MW, et al. Seizure freedom score: a new simple method to predict success of epilepsy surgery. Epilepsia. 2015;56(3):359-365.

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