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Epilepsy Education That Reaches Underserved Communities

Epilepsy Behav; ePub 2018 Oct 31; Owens et al.


The Epilepsy Foundation, working with a pharmaceutical company, has launched an educational initiative to locate communities most in need of professional and consumer education. The program emphasizes the value of tailored and innovative approaches to reach underserved populations to improve their self-management skills for epilepsy.

  • A data analysis conducted by The Connectors Project found 4 states in need of help: Michigan, Oklahoma, Nevada, and West Virginia, all of which have rural and/or underserved communities.
  • The Foundation launched outreach and awareness programs in these states, as well as digital and in-person education for clinicians, patients, and families.
  • The initiatives were designed to fill critical gaps in patients’ ability to self-manage epilepsy and gaps in their ability to get access to quality professional care.

Owens S, Sirven JI, Shafer PO, et al. Innovative approaches reaching underserved and rural communities to improve epilepsy care: A review of the methodology of the Connectors Project [published online ahead of print October 31, 2018]. Epilepsy Behav.

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