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Finding Better Way to Pinpoint Seizure Onset Zone

Epilepsy Res; 2018 Oct; Kuo et al.


Researchers have found that using 256-channel high-density EEG and high-resolution head models of individual patients can help establish precise electrical source imaging of oscillatory features of the onset of a seizure, which in turn improves presurgical planning. Precisely localizing the seizure onset zone in the cortex is important for the best surgical outcomes.

  • Using noninvasive electrical source imaging to plan surgery has proven problematic to date because of the interference of noise artifacts and non-seizure activity, which can be superimposed over the seizure signal.
  • In this study, high density EEG was combined with exact sensor positioning and individual electrical head models, which were derived from T1 MRI results.
  • Among 84 seizures, investigators were able to localize the onset of 56.
  • High density EEG with interictal spikes was more accurate than international 10-20 EEG for interictal spikes and ictal onset.

Kuo C-C, Tucker DM, Luu P, et al. EEG source imaging of epileptic activity at seizure onset. Epilepsy Res. 2018;146:160-171.

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