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Are New Treatments for Pediatric Refractory Status Epilepticus Effective?

Seizure; ePub 2018 Sept; Arya et al.


While several emerging treatments have been recommended for children with refractory status epilepticus , most of the research supporting these modalities are anecdotal in nature, according to a review published in Seizure.

  • Randomized controlled trials have evaluated hypothermia and found it is no more effective than placebo for refractory status epilepticus (RSE) and super-refractory status epilepticus (SRSE).
  • Case series have suggested that a ketogenic diet may benefit children with RSE.
  • A few case reports involving the ketogenic diet found seizures were stopped within a week in 20-90% of children.
  • One double blind trial concluded that brexanolone was no more effective than placebo for weaning patients off 3 rd line anesthetic agents and freedom from RSE after 24 hours.

Arya R, Rotenberg A. Dietary, immunological, surgical, and other emerging treatments for pediatric refractory status epilepticus. [Published online ahead of print Sept 14, 2018]. Seizure.

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