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Cross Sensitivity of Antiepileptic Side Effects

Seizure; ePub 2018 Sept; Chen et al.


Patients will likely develop intolerable psychiatric and behavioral side effects (IPBSE) to an antiepileptic drug if they are already sensitive to another one, according to researchers from Yale and Columbia University.

  • A review of the records of over 2,000 patients found that about 20% were taking at least two antiepileptic drug and had at IPBSE to at least one of the drugs.
  • Cross sensitivity was detected between zonisamide and levetiracetam.
  • The odds of developing said side effects from levetiracetam or from zonisamide were significantly higher in a patient that had had a side effect to another antiepileptic drug than in patients who had no IPBSE to other antiepileptic drugs (20.5% versus 7.5%.)
  • A history of depression and psychosis increase the risk of IPBSE among patients taking antiepileptic medication.

Chen B, Choi H, Hirsch LJ, et al. Cross-sensitivity of psychiatric and behavioral side effects with antiepileptic drug use. [Published online ahead of print Sept 22, 2018]. Seizure.

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