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Disrupted Sleep, Cardiorespiratory Dysfunction Linked to SUDEP

Epilepsy Behav; 2018 Oct; Billakota et al.


Periictal cardiorespiratory dysfunction, sleep-disordered breathing, and endocrine dysfunction have all been linked to sudden unexpected death from epilepsy (SUDEP).

  • Investigators conducted a prospective observational study on 30 patients in the Columbia University Medical Center’s adult epilepsy monitoring unit.
  • Their analysis found that patients who were at high risk for SUDEP were more likely to experience cardiorespiratory dysfunction (60% vs 27%).
  • Sleep-disordered breathing was found in 88% of patients with inpatient or outpatient polysomnography results that were fully scorable.
  • The researchers also found endocrine dysfunction in 35% of patients, with men more likely to experience the problem.
  • The analysis did not detect a significant relationship between cardiorespiratory dysfunction, sleep-disordered breathing, and neuroendocrine status.

Billakota S, Odom N, Westwood AJ, et al. Sleep-disordered breathing, neuroendocrine function, and clinical SUDEP risk in patients with epilepsy. Epilepsy Behav. 2018;87:78-82.

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