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Analysis of Epilepsy Self-Management Skills

Epilepsy Behav; 2018 Aug; Begley et al.


Although patients with epilepsy can benefit from self-management programs, a recent analysis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that competency in self-management skills varies considerably across behavioral domains.

  • Data from the Prevention Managing Epilepsy Well Network found that competencies in information and lifestyle management were considerably weaker than competencies in medication, safety, and seizure management.
  • The Managing Epilepsy Well database analysis included 436 patients with epilepsy from 5 studies in the United States.
  • Self-management behavioral skills were stronger in females and among patients with less education.
  • The same skills were weaker in patients with depression and in those who reported a lower quality of life.

Begley C, Shegog R, Liu H, et al. Correlates of epilepsy self-management in MEW Network participants: From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Managing Epilepsy Well Network. Epilepsy Behav. 2018;85:243-247.

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