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Psychiatric Interventions Important for Patients with Epilepsy

Epilepsia. 2018 Jun 19; Michaelis et al.


Clinicians need to pay more attention to the psychological impact of epilepsy and its treatment according to a report from the International League Against Epilepsy Psychology Task Force.

  • The task force identified the best interventions for depression, neurocognitive problems, and medication adherence.
  • Several psychological strategies are worth consideration according to the task force, including cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based treatment.
  • These interventions have the potential to improve health-related quality of life among adults and children.
  • The recommendations outlined by the League are based primarily on evidence discussed in a recent Cochrane review of randomized clinical trials that evaluated psychological treatment of patients with epilepsy.

Michaelis R, Tang V, Goldstein LH, et al. Psychological treatments for adults and children with epilepsy: Evidence-based recommendations by the International League Against Epilepsy Psychology Task Force. Epilepsia. 2018;59(7):1282-1302.

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