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No Differences Found Between Generic/Brand Name Epileptic Medication

Epilepsia; 2018 Jun 18; Holtkamp et al


Switching patients from brand name antiepileptic drugs to generics is generally safe and cost effective according to an analysis published in Epilepsia.

  • Researchers looked at data on bioequivalence, health care utilization, and clinical studies on the safety of antiepileptic agents, including a comparison of area under the plasma concentration-time curve (AUC) and peak plasma concentration.
  • For most of the drugs that were evaluated, there were negligible differences in AUC and peak plasma concentration between generic drugs and brand name equivalents.
  • There were significant increases in health care usage when patients were switched from brand name to generic versions.
  • Clinical studies were unable to detect differences in seizure frequency or tolerability.

Holtkamp M, Theodore WH. Generic antiepileptic drugs—safe or harmful in patients with epilepsy? Epilepsia. 2018;59(7):1273-1281.

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