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Exploring Outcomes of Pediatric Status Epilepticus

Seizure; ePub 2018 Apr 26; Jafarpour et al.


More attention needs to be paid to evaluating quality of life and cognitive/behavioral outcomes in children with status epilepticus, according to a review of the relevant medical literature.

  • An analysis of MEDLINE derived studies looked at the short-term and long-term outcomes in pediatric patients with status epilepticus.
  • The review found that mortality in this patient population was relatively low.
  • Health-related quality of life, neuroimaging, the use of continuous infusions, and cognitive/behavioral outcomes were not adequately addressed in the studies that were evaluated.
  • The researchers point out, however, that the full effects of status epilepticus on the outcomes being evaluated were difficult to accurately establish because there were so many differences in the way the studies were conducted.

Jafarpour S, Stredny CM, Piantino J, Chapman KE. Baseline and outcome assessment in pediatric status epilepticus. [Published online ahead of print April 26, 2018]. Seizure. DOI:

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