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Do Seizures Have an Impact on Autism Symptom Severity?

Dev Neurorehabil; ePub 2018 Feb 20; Burns et al.


Young children with autism spectrum disorder seem to experience less severe symptomology if they have a history of seizures according to a recent study published in Developmental Neurorehabilitation.

  • To reach that conclusion, investigators reviewed patient records with the help of a licensed clinical psychologist.
  • The study looked at the severity of autism symptoms and developmental functioning in young children, comparing children with and without a history of seizures and comparing those with autism to those who had atypical development.
  • Among children with autism spectrum disorders whose parents reported a history of seizures, symptoms of autism were less severe, when compared to children without seizures.
  • On the other hand, among children with atypical development, the direction of the correlation was the opposite, with those children with atypical development experiencing more severe symptoms if they had a history of seizures.

Burns CO, Matson JL. An investigation of the association between seizures, autism symptomology, and developmental functioning in young children. [Published online ahead of print February 20, 2018] Dev Neurorehabil. doi: 10.1080/17518423.2018.1437842.

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