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Assessing the Value of Psychological Tx for Epilepsy

Epilepsia; 2018 Feb; Michaelis et al.


Treating the psychological consequences of epilepsy can help improve patients’ health-related quality of life according to a recent Cochrane Library review.

  • To arrive at that conclusion, researchers analyzed 24 randomized controlled trials that included 2439 patients, and narrowed down the review to 9 studies and 468 patients that included outcomes for quality of life.
  • The 9 studies specifically looked at Quality of Life in Epilepsy-31 (QOLIE-31) outcomes, which were combined into a meta-analysis.
  • Total scores for QOLIE-31 improved by 5.68 points ( P<.0001), and subscores, which included metrics for emotional well being, energy/fatigue, and overall quality of life, improved as well.
  • Reviewers categorized the quality of evidence supporting psychological treatment for patients with epilepsy as moderate, taking into account possible bias in 8 of 9 studies.

Michaelis R, Tang V, Wagner JL, et al. Cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis of the impact of psychological treatments for people with epilepsy on health-related quality of life. Epilepsia. 2018;59(2):315-332.

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