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The Link Between Ischemic Stroke and Seizures

Neurology 2017 Sep 19; Wang et al.


The threat of seizures and epilepsy is a significant concern for patients who have had a stroke, according to a review of 41 studies published in Neurology.

  • Investigators found 35 studies that reported stroke-related seizures and 6 studies that found details on the effects of antiepileptic drugs.
  • Seizures occurred early on in 3.3% of patients who had experienced a stroke.
  • Late-onset seizures or epilepsy was reported in 18/1000 person-years.
  • Researchers were unable to find any evidence to suggest that a specific drug was more effective among patients who had seizures after a stroke.
  • Newer drugs caused fewer side effects than older medications.
  • The systematic review and meta-analysis included measurement of I2statistic to evaluate heterogeneity and sensitivity analyses were also performed.
  • Early onset and late onset seizures generated I2 statistics of 92.8% and 94.1%, respectively.
  • Sensitivity analyses was unable to explain the high degree of heterogeneity.

Wang JZ, Vyas MV, Saposnik G, Burneo JG. Incidence and management of seizures after ischemic stroke. Neurology. 2017;89:1220-1228.

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