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Sleep, Age, and Prone Position Linked to SUDEP

Epilepsy Behav. ePub 2017 Sep 17, Ali et al.


Patients are more likely to die of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) while they are asleep, according to a review of over 1000 SUDEP cases gleaned from 67 studies.

  • Among 1025 patients with SUDEP, 880 cases had a circadian pattern.
  • Of the 880 cases with a circadian pattern, 69.3% of the deaths occurred during sleep and 30.7% while patients were awake ( P<0.001).
  • Subgroup analysis found 272 patients in which both circadian pattern and age could be established.
  • In this subgroup, patients aged 40 years and younger were more likely to die while asleep, when compared with older patients (odds ratio, 2.0).
  • Among patients whose body position could also be verified, prone position was more often associated with death, when compared with those in prone position who were awake (87.6% vs 52.9%).

Ali A, Wu S, Issa NP, et al. Association of sleep with sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. [Published online ahead of print September 13, 2017] Epilepsy Behav.

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