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Finding a Noninvasive Approach to Epilepsy Diagnosis

A new biomarker may eventually allow clinicians to pinpoint the disease.


A combination of metabolites and genomic indicators hold promise as a noninvasive biomarker for epilepsy suggests a recent study published in Epilepsia. Wu et al found that a metabolomic-genomic signature that included reduced lactate and increased creatine plus phosphocreatine and choline was able to predict the existence of an altered metabolic state in epileptic brain regions, suggesting it may eventually be an alternative to surgically invasive approaches to diagnosis.

Wu HC, Dachet F, Ghoddoussi F, et al. Altered metabolomic-genomic signature: a potential noninvasive biomarker of epilepsy [published online ahead of print July 17, 2017]. Epilepsia. 2017; doi: 10.1111/epi.13848.

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