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A Surgical Grading Scale for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

The 3-tiered tool distinguished between favorable and unfavorable candidates.


A tiered grading system may help determine which patients with drug-resistant epilepsy are most likely to have resective surgery and become free of seizures. The Epilepsy Surgery Grading Scale used in the study consisted of 3 tiers and included MRI, electroencephalography, concordance between the MRI and EEG, semiology, and IQ. Using the grading system, investigators detected a significant difference between Grade 1 patients, who had a most favorable rating, and Grade 3, who had been classified as least favorable candidates for surgery.

Dugan P, Carlson C, Jette N, et al. Derivation and initial validation of a surgical grading scale for preliminary evaluation of adult patients with drug-resistant focal epilepsy [published online April 4, 2017]. Epilepsia. 2017;doi: 10.1111/epi.13730.

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