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Increased Length of Stay for Invasive Monitoring Does Not Reduce Hospital’s Bottom Line

Contrary to conventional wisdom, longer LOS may not impact profits.


Length of stay (LOS) may not be the best metric to use when trying to determine the cost effectiveness of invasive monitoring with subdural grid implantation or stereoelectroencephalography, suggests a recent analysis of 76 patients over a 2 year period. Researchers found that as LOS increased a hospital’s profit and contribution margins also increased, while patients maintained a low rate of complications. Investigators concluded that increased LOS does not necessarily result in lower financial gain for institutions.

Chan AY, Kharrat S. Lundeen K, et al. Length of stay for patients undergoing invasive electrode monitoring with stereoelectroencephalography and subdural grids correlates positively with increased institutional profitability [published online April 20, 2017]. Epilespia. doi:10.1111/epi.13737

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